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Face ID Not Working on iPhone X, Xs Max, Xs, XR or iPad Pro 2018 Tips to Fix the Issue

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Make sure:

  • You need to ensure that TrueDepth camera isn’t covered with a case or a screen protector. Also, make sure that no residue or dirt is covering the camera.
  • Ensure that your eyes, nose, and mouth are fully visible to the TrueDepth camera.
  • Face ID is designed to work with many sunglasses. However, if you are wearing the sunglass that blocks certain types of light, then you need to remove it.
  • Be sure to keep your iPhone in portrait orientation when using Portrait Mode. On iPad Pro 2018, Face ID works in both landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Keep your device at arm’s length or closer (10-20 inches) from your face.
  • When you are outside in bright sunlight, make sure to reposition your iPhone so that sun isn’t directly behind you.

Once you have checked out the points (mentioned above), try out the below solutions. Start with the first one and move to the next trick only when it doesn’t click.

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Solution #1: Turn Off/On Face ID

The first solution I would recommend you to try out is turn OFF/ON Face ID and give a fresh start to your device.

Simply open Settings app on your iPhone X → Face ID & Passcode → Enter your iPhone Passcode.

Under Use Face ID FOR section, turn off the switch next to each option.

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If you use Face ID with third-party apps, tap on Other Apps → and then turn off the switch next to each app.

Now, turn off your device. Next, head over to Settings → Face ID & Passcode and then turn on the switch next to each option. Also, tap on Other Apps and then turn on the switch for each app.

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Now, try using Face ID again. It should work now. If it doesn’t, move on to the next solution.

Solution #2: Reset Face ID

The other solution that I would tell you to try out is resetting Face ID. It will wipe out all the existing mathematical representations of your face, and you will have to set it up all over again. From what I can tell about this trick is that it’s very reliable and has fixed the problem for many users. So, there is no harm in giving it a chance as well.

Launch Settings app → Face ID & Passcode → Reset Face ID.

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Now, set up the facial recognition again. Once everything is done, start using it as usual. There shouldn’t be any hiccups now.

Solution #3: Reset All Settings

I know you don’t want to see this unwanted solution that comes into the picture in most troubleshooting guides. Speaking the truth, I also don’t appreciate it either.

However, when the going gets tricky or some miscellaneous problems seem to become a headache, I don’t hesitate to give it a go. And many a time, it hasn’t disappointed me.

As it will wipe out all the existing settings including Wi-Fi passwords and website login details, be sure you are fully prepared.

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Open Settings → General → Reset → Tap on Reset All Settings → Enter iPhone Passcode → Confirm.

After you have successfully put your device to factory settings, enable Face ID and try using it as usual. I guess you have finally crossed the line of fire, haven’t you?

Solution #4: Update Your iPhone to the Latest iOS Version

Now is the time to go for the software update. Needless to mention that it’s become the biggest troubleshooter in recent times. Moreover, Apple keeps on refining the iOS, improving performance and eliminating the bugs that keep cropping up now and then. So, it deserves a shot as well.

Open Settings app → General → Software Update → Download and install the latest iOS version as usual.

After the update, the issue should be gone. If it has, ENJOY!

What If Nothing Works

Wrapping up:

Having myself experienced the issue on a few occasions; I can say that you have eventually resolved the problem by following the above tricks. However, I can’t rule out the possibility of an unexpected thing. Luckily, Apple Support is always ready to help and get rid of the issue at the earliest. Hence, there shouldn’t be any dead end!

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Программные проблемы с Face ID

Если вы не роняли и не кололи орехи своим iPhone, то проблема может быть связана с софтом (ПО). Все мы знаем что софт на то и создан, чтобы зависать и глючить. Если это ваш случай (а даже если и не ваш) попробуйте выполнить следующие шаги:

  • ШАГ 1 Зайдите в Настройки — Face ID и код-пароль — Сброс Face ID
  • ШАГ 2 Жестко перезагрузите iPhone, поочередно нажав Громкость +, Громкость - затем нажмите и удерживайте Боковую кнопку пока не погаснет экран.

После того как устройство перезагрузится, попробуйте настроить Face ID.

Если функция Face ID стала недоступна после установки обновления iOS, скорее всего прошивка “встала криво”. Самым правильным решением будет подключение телефона к компьютеру и восстановление его через iTunes с установкой последней версии iOS. Если нужна инструкция — смотрите здесь.

К сожалению, в моем случае эти манипуляции не помогли, так же как и Сброс Всех Настроек и Мягкая перезагрузка. Но это и ежу должно быть понятно, что после падения/удара, внутри iPhone что-то вышло из строя.

Варианты решения проблемы, если не работает Face ID

Если телефон находится на гарантии, следует обратиться за обслуживанием в рамках гарантийной политики Apple. Если же гарантия на телефон не действует, либо iPhone имеет механические повреждения, наш сервисный центр может предложить услугу замены iPhone на новый. Как правило, замена производится в срок до 10 дней (в среднем, 3-5 дней). В результате Вы получаете абсолютно новый телефон с официальной гарантией от Apple.

Если у Вас не работает Face ID и остались вопросы после прочтения статьи, приглашаем Вас в комментарии к данной статье, где Вам оперативно смогут ответить сотрудники сервисного центра. Пишите, звоните или приходите в гости — мы будем рады помочь в решении проблем с Вашим iPhone.

Face IDремонт iPhone X

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